Llama Blogs

Greeting a Llama

If you encounter a friendly llama, how would you say hello to him? If you wave your hand, he’s likely to think you have a treat. If there’s no treat, the llama will walk away. So how can you engage a llama and make friends with him? Breathe into his mouth…


What do llamas do all day? Well, aside from eating and cat-napping (they don’t really sleep), they play all sorts of games with their pack members. These games include…

Hollywood Llama

Our funniest llama has been cast in an Internet series called “Llama Cop.” This original, live-action show was produced by Starz Digital and Ambitious Media for the Starz comedy YouTube channel called Union Pool. In the six webisodes, Como T. Llama plays a renegade cop paired with a straight-laced detective trying to solve a crime…

Llama Popularity

Advertisers have recently discovered the Power of the Llama to captivate us.

Do you remember the Bank of America ads featuring a llama wearing a red scarf…





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