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Llama Llessons

Learn about llamas from head to toe during a one-hour session in the castle barn. Be seated on benches six feet from other groups, while an entire pack of gorgeous, gentle llamas meander around the center of the room! Sit back, relax and get ready to laugh and learn as Mama Llama and Llama Llady teach you more than 150 facts about these mesmerizing creatures using a variety of props, video monitors and live llamas!

Llama Llessons are offered at $20 per person for ages 4 and up. Minors must be accompanied by an adult who has purchased a ticket online.

To choose the date of your visit, please follow the link at the bottom of this page.

Masks are required.

When are Llama Llessons offered?

Llama Llessons are available on select Saturdays and holidays.

How much do Llama Llessons cost?

Llama Llessons are offered at $20 per person for ages 4 and up. Seating is limited to 35 tickets per session, which is less than half the castle barn’s capacity. We apologize for not being able to accept discount codes and expired Groupon vouchers until we are again operating at 100 percent capacity. Thank you for your understanding!

How do I purchase tickets for Llama Llessons?

All tickets are offered online via www.ShangriLlama.com. Please click the green Book Now button and then the Llama Llessons button. You will be taken to the online calendar to choose your date. When you check out, you will immediately receive an e-mail confirmation. Two days prior to your visit, you will receive a reminder e-mail.

Do you have a waiting list?

Yes! If there are no tickets left for the date you’d like to attend Llama Llessons, please e-mail llama@ShangriLlama.com with your name and the number of people in your group. If tickets become available in time, we will gladly contact you!

Is there an age limit to attend Llama Llessons?

Yes. Our insurance forbids us from admitting anyone less than 4 years old: no toddlers, infants, strollers or baby slings. Please know that our llamas weigh 300 to 400 pounds, and there are seven llamas in the room during Llama Llessons. Young children are too small and too quick to protect in this setting. We hope you will bring your youngest children to a Llama Llesson when they reach 4 years of age!

Will I be seated with my family or friends?

Yes. Up to four people who have traveled in the same car may sit together. Benches will be spaced six feet apart.

May I take photos during Llama Llessons?

You are most welcome to take still photos during your Llama Llessons. And after your Llama Llessons, you may take more photos plus selfies by standing at your seat and turning your back toward the llamas. Our llamas love to pose for photos!

May I pet the llamas?

Unfortunately, no guest may reach out to touch a llama or his hay, or stand on the black mats with the llamas. Due to COVID-19 precautions, we must not touch shared surfaces, and it would not be possible to wash or sanitize a llama each time a guest pets one. Surprisingly, llamas are not a tactile animal. They prefer to be admired but not petted! During your Llama Llessons, you will learn more about this fascinating fact.

What should I wear to Llama Llessons?

Comfortable clothes are encouraged, with shoes that have a closed toe and a closed heel. Thank you for not bringing any food into the castle barn, but you may bring bottled water.

What if I have to cancel my reservation at the last minute?

We can only refund your tickets if you cancel 48 hours in advance of your reservation. We need time to reach people on our waiting list, who then need time to confirm their group’s availability. If you can’t attend at the last minute, you may transfer your tickets to a relative, friend or neighbor for the date you had reserved. Their children ages 8 and up may attend if accompanied by an adult. Please have your guests call Mama Llama before they drive to the castle, so she can adjust your reservation.

May I change my reservation?

Yes, if you have a conflict with the time you chose to attend Llama Llessons, please e-mail llama@ShangriLlama.com NO LESS THAN 48 HOURS PRIOR TO YOUR RESERVATION. Tell us the new date you would like to visit by referring to our online calendar located at www.ShangriLlama.com, Book Now. Mama Llama will reschedule your visit and send you a confirmation e-mail.

Can Large Groups Book a Llama Llesson?

Private sessions are available on weekdays for no less than 25 people and no more than 35 people at our regular ticket price of $20 each. Please send an e-mail to llama@ShangriLlama.com with your proposed date and time. Groups with fewer than 25 people may purchase tickets for a regularly scheduled Saturday Llama Llesson. Due to COVID-19 restrictions, we cannot offer more than one session per day or more than 35 tickets per session.

Do You Do Anything Special to Celebrate Guest Birthdays at ShangriLlama Castle?

We are honored that ShangriLlama is often chosen as a destination to celebrate birthdays! If you would like your birthday to be announced during Llama Llessons, please leave a note for Mama Llama in the space provided on your registration form when you purchase your tickets. An event center named Castle Waterford is located on the property for celebrations of 30 to 100 people. Please send an e-mail to events@CastleWaterford.com to inquire about a reservation.

Do You Host Llama Llessons On a Rainy Day?

Yes! Llama Llessons take place rain or shine inside the castle barn, which is fully enclosed and climate-controlled, with a brand new, high-tech air scrubber system. We have only canceled one session in 11 years of operations because of a severe hail storm. If it is raining when you arrive or when Llama Llessons are over, we will drive you to and from your car in the back of our royal golf carts. If you are not comfortable driving in inclement weather, please e-mail llama@ShangriLlama.com right away with your chosen, new date from www.ShangriLlama.com, Book Now, Llama Llessons. Mama Llama will reschedule you and send you a confirmation e-mail.

May I Just Tag Along and Take Pictures?

No. Llama Llessons are an observational activity, and everyone attending receives the full information and experience of meeting and observing an entire pack of llamas. So a reservation is required for everyone who enters the castle barn. Please note that we do not have a waiting area for individuals within a group who do not wish to participate in Llama Llessons.

May I Drop Off My Minor Children and Not Attend Myself?

No. Our insurance requires that minors ages 4 to 15 be accompanied and supervised by an adult for the safety of the children and the llamas.

What is Your Address?

ShangriLlama is located at a 10-acre private residence owned by the family that operates Llama Walks, Llama Llessons and llama-themed weddings. For the privacy of this family and for the safety of their beautiful, pedigreed llamas, ShangriLlama’s address is only provided when a reservation is made. The property is gated, and the llamas are not visible from the street. All visitors require an advance reservation. We thank you for your understanding.

What precautions is ShangriLlama taking against the spread of COVID-19 for Llama Llessons?

Our Promise to You:

All castle staff will pass a health check prior to each Llama Llesson in order to participate in the program.

Hand sanitizer stations will be available at the entry and exit of the castle barn.

All seating in the castle barn will be cleaned and sanitized before and after every use.

The castle barn’s central air conditioner will operate with a brand new, high-tech Aerus Air Scrubber, which is based on air-scrubber technology used in the International Space Station!

Queuing areas and seating inside the castle barn will comply with current social-distancing guidelines.

Your Promise to Us:

Please wear a nose-mouth mask during your entire visit to ShangriLlama, which is a private residence.

Please use the provided hand sanitizer before entering the castle barn and again before exiting.

Please use provided floor markers and seating assignments to remain six feet from guests who did not travel with you to ShangriLlama.

If you have been exposed to COVID-19 recently or if you exhibit symptoms of COVID-19, we will work directly with you to reschedule or cancel your reservation.

If you have underlying health conditions or are concerned about contracting COVID-19, please visit us during the last phase of the Governor’s Strike Force to Open Texas.

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