Presenting Their Royal Llama Highnesses

ShangriLlama offers these  enchanting activities:

Llama Walks

Enjoy a walk on the castle’s Enchanted Forest Trail with a pack of beautiful llamas.

Tickets are now available for 2022 Llama Walks!

Llama Llessons

llama llesson

Sit just 10 feet from an entire pack of llamas while partaking in a head-to-toe learning session all about these mesmerizing animals.

Tickets are now available for May through October 2022

Weddings & Special Events

Walk a llama down the aisle of our new castle-themed wedding & event venue, or invite your guests to a Llama Llesson during your cocktail hour!

ShangriLlama Castle is located in Royse City, which is next door to Rockwall,
30 minutes from Plano, 40 minutes from Dallas, 50 minutes from McKinney,
and a little more than 60 minutes from Ft. Worth.


For the privacy of the family who live at the castle,
and for the safety of their beautiful, pedigreed llamas,
the castle’s address is only provided when a reservation is made.


All visitors require an advance reservation.
Thank you for your understanding.

Live, Laugh, Llama
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