Llama Walks

Join a lovely pack of llamas on a magical adventure and visit ShangriLlama Castle! Learn the special traits about each llama before beginning your journey. Switch llamas along the way until you have walked each member of the llama pack. The Llama King & Queen together with Lord & Lady Llama will guide you safely on your journey as they share many llama facts. After your memorable adventure, the llama pack will accompany you for photos outside the castle gatehouse. 


Do dress in your comfortable garb and tall, flat-heeled boots for an enjoyable journey on an earthy gravel and dirt trail. The total adventure lasts 2.5 hours and is offered for ages 8 and up at $50 per person. Adults must accompany minors and purchase a ticket. Available November through May.

What To Expect

The trail is flat, wide and groomed. Because the path consists of dirt, sand, gravel and grass, you are encouraged to wear comfortable clothing.


You will experience what it’s like to walk among a pack of safe animals. You will observe how llamas communicate. You will find out that llamas have BIG personalities, and you will enjoy getting to know each llama. You will also learn more than 50 interesting facts about llamas.

What To Bring

 Do bring a camera for selfies and llama-grams!

Wear comfortable, closed-toe shoes, clothing appropriate for the weather, and water for the trail.

Don’t forget your Llama Walk Release of Liability, your smiles and loads of llama questions!

What is Your Address?

ShangriLlama Castle is a private facility operated by a family. For the privacy of this family who live at the castle, and for the safety of their beautiful, pedigreed llamas, the castle’s address is only provided when a reservation is made. The castle itself is gated, and the llamas are not visible from the street. All visitors require an advance reservation. We thank you for your understanding.

Live, Laugh, Llama
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