Once Upon A Time

…there were six beautiful llamas. They lived on three acres of land in a tiny town known as Parker in the grand state of Texas. These llamas loved people. So their playful owners invited animal lovers to meet the llamas and learn about them. They called these special sessions Llama Llessons. People traveled far and wide for Llama Llessons. Soon, visitors asked if they could walk the llamas. That’s how Llama Walks began as weekend adventures on scenic trails nearby. 

Through happenstance, the merry llama owners discovered and bought a castle—a replica Irish castle! It was nestled in the countryside of a charming, growing area called Royse City, also in the most excellent state of Texas. There the land included a lovely, private walking trail ideal for Llama Walks. It also offered a spacious castle barn well-suited for Llama Llessons.

And so, on November 3, 2018, the castle opened its gates, inviting llama lovers to fulfill their dreams and live happily ever after.
Today, ShangriLlama Castle offers its guests a variety of llama activities:

ShangriLlama Castle is located in Royse City, which is next door to Rockwall, 30 minutes from Plano, 40 minutes from Dallas, 50 minutes from McKinney, and a little more than 60 minutes from Ft. Worth.

For the privacy of the family who live at the castle, and for the safety of their beautiful, pedigreed llamas, the castle’s address is only provided when a reservation is made.

The castle itself is gated, and the llamas are not visible from the street. All visitors require an advance reservation. Thank you for your understanding.

Live, Laugh, Llama
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