Llamas in the News

It’s difficult to be discreet walking with a pack of llamas!
That’s how these media outlets discovered ShangriLlama™


The CW’s Fun on the Run sat in on a Llama Llesson at Shangrillama.


NBC: Texas Today took a walk with the Llamas of Shangrillama.


Check out the full story on how to virtually meet the llamas of ShangriLlama.

Dallas Morning News

DMN came along with us on a llama walk and introduced our new wedding venue, Castle Waterford.

Only In Your State

Only In Your State came by to meet the pack and learn all about what we do here at ShangriLlama!


The llamas, their family and the castle were featured on HGTV’s “What You Get For Your Money.” The episode is called “Llama Mia, Here We Go Again.”

The Texas Bucket List

Check out this feature from The Texas Bucket List all about the llamas of Shangrillama!

ABC 8 WFAA Dallas Morning News

Check out the ABC Dallas Morning News feature about how our Llama Walks make everyone we meet happier!

Plano Profile

Looking for an unconventional date idea? Plano Profile rated us as one of the top 10 things to do with that special someone, and we wholeheartedly agree.

D Magazine

Learn all about how ShangriLlama got started.

Plano Profile

Plano Profile went on a llama walk and loved it. Click below to hear what they had to say!

Good Morning Texas

Good Morning Texas kicks off National Llama Day!


GameStop’s 2018 summer commercial featured Dalai Llama, because of his unusual blue eyes. Dalai Llama’s voiceover is masterfully recorded by Patrick Warburton, who played the llama named Kronk in “The Emperor’s New Groove.” Click below to see our “talking” llama!

The Dallas Observer

Bahama Llama at a Dallas hotel!



Starz Digital Network

ShangriLlama’s very own Como T. Llama may be the most famous llama of all time, thanks to Starz Digital and Ambitious Media. Como was cast as a renegade cop and co-star of “Llama Cop” for Starz’ Internet comedy channel. Como even has his own IMDB credit! Here are the links to his show and publicity clippings. Don’t worry; fame hasn’t gone to his llama head–yet!



Como T. Llama asks that you watch his show. It will make you laugh! The episode titles are as crazy as a show starring a llama: “Llethal Weapon,” “Dirty, Hairy,” “Breaking Baad,” “Llaw and Order,” and “Die Hard with a Llama.”


This internet and TV tabloid-style show really liked “Llama Cop”–or at least, they enjoyed spinning creative stories from it. Please know that Como did NOT cause a health-code violation by attending his own Hollywood premiere party. He’s actually a therapy animal with a USDA license who works with autistic and foster children, so he can go anywhere!


Guess who got a feature story in the magazine for entertainment industry professionals? Como T. Llama, of course, with his co-star, the dreamy, animal-loving Walter Masterson.

Yellow Productions Travel Videos
What is it like to go on a Llama Walk?

Click below for your vicarious adventure, courtesy of producer Chris Raney.

The Washington Post

Como T. Llama’s acting debut was deemed a “zen-like performance” on 4/23/14 by Marc Silver, TV columnist for the Washington Post!

Orange County Register – May 9, 2014

This is ShangriLlama’s third and final interview with the elegant Mary Carbone from our hometown newspaper before we picked up stakes and moved from California to Texas for more land. One must be an Orange County Register subscriber to read the article, however.

KTLA Channel 5 Morning News – April 28, 2014
Here’s ShangriLlama’s third and final interview with L.A.’s most beloved morning news show. We will miss reporter Allie Mac Kay’s glorious sense of humor! Wouldn’t she make a great talk-show host?

ShangriLlama has received a Certificate of Excellence and rave reviews for its Llama Walks on www.Tripadvisor.com!

ABC TV’s “Live Big With Ali Vincent”
Mama Llama hosted Ali Vincent for a Llama Walk as an example of fun exercise. See the ABC episode, which aired September 14 throughout the U.S.

First-person experience: “Taking a Walk on the Wild Side”
While it’s quite common to see a couple walking their dogs around the neighborhood for exercise, in one small Yorba Linda community there is a couple who gets their cardio with a different pet at the end of the leash. Sharon Brucato, better known as “Mama Llama,” and her husband Paul, who she lovingly calls Papa Llama, have been in the business of llama walking for six years…

Pet World Insider

ShangriLlama was honored to have been a featured radio guest on this dynamic show revealing inside information about the pet world. Famed “Pawtographer” Robert Semrow interviewed Mama Llama to share what’s inside her new children’s book about llamas.

Orange County Register

Enjoy an engaging article by the OC Register’s Mary Carbone on 3/13/13 featuring ShangriLlama’s new children’s book, The Llamas of ShangriLlama. A subscription is required, sadly, to view this article.

KTLA Morning News

KTLA Morning News Reporter Allie Mac Kay dressed in our Llama Pajamas and interviewed the pack about their recent nightwear creation. Check out the photos on our gallery.

AOL News

Enjoy a good laugh from historian Chris Epting’s news coverage of Barack O’Llama’s visit to the Nixon Library.

Jack FM

Our Llama Walks have been dubbed “one of the more odd JACK-tivities of all time.” Mama Llama considers that a high compliment.

Orange County Register

Reporter Mary Carbone featured all the llamas at ShangriLlama in her information-packed article. And for the interview, she even invited the llamas to play in her backyard.

Fun Places Blog

Susan Peterson’s photo of Dalai Llama is the best ever taken! Enjoy her blog filled with ideas for family outings.

And more than 100,000 people worldwide have visited ShangriLlama’s blog.

Go figure! It seems that lots of people like llamas. And so do we at ShangriLlama!

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