Virtual Llama Meetings

Invite a llama to your video conference meeting. Better yet, invite an entire pack of llamas to your digital meetup! The llamas of ShangriLlama are eager to meet you.

We offer these live activities so you can spend time with our friendly llamas from the comfort of your office or couch. Available weekdays upon request:

Enliven your corporate meeting or online gathering by inviting a pack of gorgeous llamas to attend! The llama pack will pop in to show you their gorgeous faces, while a llama trainer introduces each llama.

$60 for up to 15 minutes

Meet the adorable llamas of ShangriLlama while working with your online group to answer intriguing questions about these fascinating critters as you play our hilarious llama game.

$100 for 25 minutes

We can use any virtual meeting software you prefer! You’ll be asked to send us a link during the booking process.

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