Llama Popularity

Advertisers have discovered the Power of the Llama to captivate us.

Do you remember the Bank of America ads featuring a llama wearing a red scarf?

How about the Geico commercials showing a llama standing next to a swimming pool?

Have you seen the explosion of llama-themed merchandise at Target, World Market and Hobby Lobby?

llama gift card
water bottle llama
animal jar

And did you hear about the Brides.com report on the trend to rent llamas for bridal photos?


ShangriLlama has even hosted several bridal photos shoots!


But as far as Mama Llama can tell, llamas were popular long before the recent trend. For the past nine years, ShangriLlama has been receiving all types of requests from people who would like to use llamas in the most interesting ways!


2009 – A traveling medieval-times troupe asked for a lock of wool from Dalai Llama to process on a drop spindle and present to their queen, who was seated on a throne at a park where the llamas frequently walked.

2010 – Bahama Llama was asked to participate in a Cystic Fibrosis 5K Walk. Bahama Llama garnered record donations!

2011 – A man desired to propose marriage to his girlfriend during a Llama Walk. He tied the valuable engagement ring to the harness of Dalai Llama, and then he waited until his girlfriend noticed the ring before popping the question. Mama Llama was relieved that he didn’t lose that ring!

2012 – A traveling news crew from China was in the midst of interviewing Chinese and American government officials outside the Richard M. Nixon Presidential Library. But when the crew saw our llamas approaching during a Llama Walk, they abandoned their official interview, surrounded our group, and began interviewing us on live TV. We do hope those reporters kept their jobs!

2013 – A Belgian reality show’s star was touring the United States and wanted to film an episode featuring our llamas. During filming, it was clear that she had never met a llama, because she was afraid of them! The show’s editors had to cut out many shots of the star screaming and cowering, but the llamas were unfazed.

2014 – Como T. Llama was chosen to co-star in a Starz Digital Network production to help promote this network’s new digital content. After the show, Como received an IMDB listing and was featured three times on the nationwide TV magazine “TMZ,” after paparazzi caught him entering the Arquette family’s Hollywood nightclub to attend his show’s premiere.

2015 – Vogue.com magazine invited Dalai Llama to be featured in a fashion photo shoot. Mama Llama was flattered that her blue-eyed, white llama was recognized for his beauty.

2016 –Two west coast inquiries amused us the most in 2016: A Microsoft exec wanted to include images of our llamas in a new release of Minecraft, which is the second most popular video game series of all time. And a major music celebrity (initials J.L.) sent a text invitation for our llamas to join him at his Malibu estate for a party. Mama Llama replied that we had moved from California two years prior, but this musician still pleaded for us to attend anyway.

2017 – The Statler hotel in Dallas asked for Bahama Llama to serve as their spokesllama in support of their llama theme.

If you have a novel idea that includes llamas in a G-rated, safe activity, give Mama Llama a call. She’s grown quite accustomed to picking up the Llama Lline and hearing:

“Hi. I have an unusual request, and you’re probably going to think I’m crazy. But since you have llamas, would you consider…”


It’s possible that your idea will make Mama Llama’s list of all-time favorites!

Happy Trails from Mama Llama!

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