Como T. Llama Goes to Hollywood

Our funniest llama has been cast in an Internet series called “Llama Cop.” This original, live-action show was produced by Starz Digital and Ambitious Media for Starz’ comedy YouTube channel called Union Pool. In the six webisodes, Como T. Llama plays a renegade cop paired with a straight-laced detective trying to solve a crime.

For each day of filming, Como was eager to jump into his “Llama Mobile” to travel to various set locations, including the front yard of a house off Melrose Avenue in Hollywood, inside a Los Angeles church, inside a police van, and inside an LA and Orange County sound stage. He even posed for photos with two LAPD officers, who gleefully enjoyed their animal encounter on the streets of LA.

In the back of Mama Llama’s mind, she has worried that someone somewhere will claim that llamas should not be in show biz. But if Como could speak, he would say he had the time of his life on the set of “Llama Cop!” Llamas are highly intelligent and insatiably curious. They need mental stimulation. At home, Como has acres of land to freely roam and to play with his pack mates. But when the weekend rolls around and it is time to take a three-hour walk, Como and his friends dash to the exit gate and hum impatiently to go on the trail. They love to mingle with people, and people cherish this very special animal encounter.

Llamas not only like to socialize, but they also enjoy playing dress-up! At Christmas, Como and his pals wear reindeer antlers, and on Cinco de Mayo, the pack dons mini sombreros and serapes. Llamas can easily shake off costumes, but they are usually happy to dress up. That is why most annual llama gatherings include a llama costume contest! In “Llama Cop,” Como plays a detective and wears a badge and gun holster. As an undercover officer, he is disguised in a hat and beard.

Llamas like to dress up.
Co-stars of "Llama Cop" Walter Masterson and Como T. Llama

So you can imagine how much fun Como had when he became the first llama to wear a tuxedo and attend a Hollywood premiere. Initially, he hesitated about going inside the nightclub, because it was dark and the doorway was narrow. He thought it over, and when he was ready, he entered. Later on, he did not want to leave the party! (Mama Llama is like that, too.)

Como T. Llama is a party animal!

Do you know how to tell if a llama is having a great time? Take a look at his ears! Are they shaped like bananas? Or are they pointed outward? Tipped forward? Those are happy positions. But if the ears are flat back, then you are looking at an annoyed llama. (Have fun googling llama images and discovering the many photos of annoyed llamas.) Llamas can be temperamental, so their ears may flick from happy to annoyed in seconds. But the nightclub photos of Como and the footage of “Llama Cop” show a happy-eared Como. See! Llamas like being in show biz, but no one had ever invited a llama to participate before. Como is proud to be the first llama in the history of the Internet to star in a network-sponsored show. He is also the second animal to attract paparazzi attention at a nightclub. (The first was Bianca Jagger, who rode a white horse into Studio 54.)

The cast and crew of "Llama Cop" applaud their woolly star.

You may be wondering why Como was chosen for the role of Buddy Callahan in “Llama Cop.” Other llamas were interviewed, but only Como passed the screen test—and yes, there was a screen test! Como received the benefit of training from the most decorated llama trainer in North America. When he was one year old, Como was adopted by ShangriLlama, an animal education company that offers three-hour trail walks with llamas on weekends. Como has proven to be quite the entertainer on the trail and is usually dubbed the favorite during Llama Walks. This may be because Como comes from a specialty ranch in Nebraska, which breeds sweet, attractive, large llamas. Como is an Argentine llama. His light-colored, spotted curly coat (Appaloosa suri) is beautiful, and his face is shaped in a permanent, goofy smile. He is irresistibly charming, gentle and funny. You can learn more about Como T. Llama plus 30 little-known facts about llamas from the quirky book, The Llamas of ShangriLlama (available from

Happy Trails from Mama Llama and Como T. Llama!

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