Well, aside from eating and cat-napping (they don’t really sleep), they play all sorts of games with their pack members. These games include:

Your Food is My Food


Get Out of My Way


Can’t Touch Me!


I Can Spit Farther Than You Can

Essentially, llamas spend their day stealing food, pushing other llamas away from “their” food, chasing and spitting at each other, plus wrestling and bucking to assert their ranking in the pack.

Fortunately, a much more magical activity takes place just before the sun goes down. That’s the time of day when llamas spend their excess energy before staying fairly still from sundown to sunup.
This particular activity is called pronking.

Think of a rabbit or a deer hopping through a meadow… all four feet leave the ground at once.

That’s what llamas actually do, and it’s an odd sight to behold. Even stoic, ultra-serious llamas will join in an occasional pronking session. With every member of the pack hopping like bunnies for five to 10 minutes, pronking looks like an ancient, ritualistic dance. But it’s just the llamas joining in some last-minute fun.

Llamas don’t pronk everyday. In fact, it’s an occasional activity, and because it happens at dusk, lighting is very poor for videotaping. Mama Llama has tried unsuccessfully for years to videotape
her llamas pronking. They’re sneaky about it! Fortunately, contains some videos of other llamas pronking for joy. You won’t believe your eyes!

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