Dalai Llama Dalai Llama

I'm an unusual llama with TWO blue eyes and a fluffy white coat. My peaceful nature will mesmerize you!

Meet Dalai
Drama Llama Drama Llama

Have you ever seen a llama from Argentina? I have Appaloosa spots and a fringed neck!

Meet Drama
Como T. Llama Como T. Llama

My name in Spanish means "What's Your Name?" That tells you how wild and crazy I am!

Meet Como T.
BarackO'Llama Barack O'Llama

Don't mistake my name for Obama Llama or Osama Llama. That's not funny! (Well, it kinda is…)

Meet Barack
ShangriLlama School Visits

Our llamas have been turned into storybook characters!

Let Barack O'Llama, Pajama Llama, Dalai Llama, Bahama Llama and Como T. Llama teach you 30 fascinating facts about llamas from their quirky book for children and adults!

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ShangriLlama is a private llama farm located just 10 miles from Disneyland in Yorba Linda, California.