Llama Walk FAQ

When Do You Offer Llama Walks?

Llama Walks take place on Saturdays and Sundays and last two and a half hours. If it’s raining, too humid or ridiculously hot, neither you nor the llamas would want to take a walk! Come for a Llama Llesson instead in our fully enclosed, fully air-conditioned barn!

How Do I Sign Up For a Llama Walk?

Llama Walks are available by reservation for ages eight and up. Just click the “Book Now” button on the right side of this page or follow this link to Book Now.

Which Llama Will I Walk?

You will walk ALL the llamas on the trail during your Llama Walk by rotating with the other guests.

How Much Does a Llama Walk Cost?

The cost for this unique animal adventure is $50 per person.

Do You Offer Private Llama Walks For Groups?

Yes! For groups of ten or more we offer private Llama Walks. Contact llama@shangrillama with your proposed date. Each person can pay separately, if you’d like, using our online reservation service, which you can access by clicking this link: Book Now. This will also bring you to our online calendar for selecting your group’s date.

Is There An Age Limit?

Because these animals are 400-pounds and six-feet-tall, we are unable to accommodate children younger than eight years old on the trail. Everyone from ages 8 to 17 must have an accompanying parent or guardian at all times. Unfortunately we cannot make any exceptions for Llama Walks; however, at Llama Llessons we welcome children as young as 4.

General Safety

You must be capable of walking unassisted for two and a half hours to safely participate in a Llama Walk.


Llamas are the only animals that may participate in a Llama Walk.


You must be able to jog for short intervals, if a llama picks up his stride.


Both hands must be free at all times.

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