The Three-Llama Lead Experiment

It’s kinda difficult for one person to walk three young llamas.

Each one likes to move in a different direction toward whichever leaf or blade of grass interests him most. So to avoid tangling the llamas’ lead lines, the handler has to constantly flip the ropes about. Mama Llama was about to try out for a part-time job as a rodeo roper (not really) when she saw a three-llama lead in a llama magazine. (Yes, there really are llama magazines!)


The three-lama lead arrived today. This nifty device has three hooks—one to connect each llama to the single lead. This will be a great item–once the three yearlings learn to cooperate with each other.


You see, llamas are forever re-establishing their pecking order. Who goes first, second and third out of the stall and into the arena? This order changes according to rules that behaviorists haven’t quite figured out.


So today, when Mama Llama attached the three-llama lead, the bewildered yearlings walked simultaneously out of their stall then stopped abruptly as they determined who would lead and follow. To establish his superiority, Barack O’Llama (affectionately called Barry), spit at Como T. Llama, who moved sideways into Dalai Llama, who stopped cold. So Barry led, followed by Como, with his mouth hanging open from yucky spit, followed by Dalai.

Once they arrived at the arena, (only about 150 feet from their stalls), “the boys” were so annoyed with one another that they skipped playtime (wrestling matches) and instead stole pine needles off the Christmas trees that hang within reach. (BTW, the llamas live on a Christmas tree farm.)


Mama Llama then went back to get Pajama Llama and Bahama Llama, with their leads tied in the middle. You see, Pajama likes to walk really fast, and because Bahama’s overweight (read: FAT!), he serves as a weight to slow Pajama down so Mama Llama can keep up.


Anyway, Mama Llama was thinking that the three-llama lead experiment wasn’t going to work out. But on the way back to the stalls, Mama Llama was EASILY able to guide Pajama and Bahama in one hand and the three yearlings in the other. Encouraging!


Tomorrow, all the boys and I will go on a walk around the 7-acre Christmas tree farm. That should be fun?!



Happy Trails from Mamma Llama!

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