Meet Drama Llama

Mama Llama realized she needed to increase the size of her llama pack following recent KTLA Morning News coverage of our private zoo encounter with llamas. So she borrowed a llama from her award-winning trainer. The visiting llama’s given name is Oso, which is Spanish for bear, but it must also mean that he’s Oh-So-Cute. Take a look at this Argentine spotted llama!

Oso, the "Loaner Llama" at ShangriLlama

Today Oso joined his first Llama Walk. As the entire pack passed through a crowd that was celebrating the 100th Anniversary of the Girl Scouts at the Nixon Library, Oso attracted more attention than the other llamas because of his dramatic coloring. So we affectionately dubbed him “Drama Llama.”

You might find it fun to compare Drama Llama to Como T. Llama, the yearling we adopted on Christmas Eve:

Two Appaloosa Llamas at ShangriLlama

Both llamas are spotted, but the differences are fascinating:

Drama Llama is a Dark Dilute Appaloosa with a Merle (mottled) face. The background color of his coat is a dark cream, and his spots are dark. Quite dramatic!


Como T. Llama is a Light Dilute Appaloosa. He has a light cream coat with light brown spots. Como T. Llama also has some curly hair, which is called Suri–like Tom Cruise’s daughter, who doesn’t have curly hair. Go figure!


And here’s the entire ShangriLlama pack greeting Drama Llama. They like him!

This video shows that all the llamas are interested in the newcomer. However, Barack O’Llama decided that a sufficient number of llamas already live at ShangriLlama. As a result, Barack stood guard at the entrance to the stables and wouldn’t let Drama Llama in all night. So Mama Llama stayed up trying to “convince” Barack O’Llama to let down his guard. She wasn’t successful. Such llama drama!


However, today we took the whole pack on a walk, and afterward, Barack O’Llama forgot about guarding the stable entrance. It seems that he had bonded sufficiently with the newbie during the walk and now considers him—provisionally—one of the pack.


It would be great to have Drama Llama stay at ShangriLlama for several weeks…or longer? But that depends on whether Barack O’Llama minds his manners. Time will tell!



Happy Trails from Mama Llama!


UPDATE: Drama Llama became a regular member of the ShangriLlama pack just two weeks after his initial visit. Mama Llama fell in love with him, and Barack O’Llama not only accepted Drama Llama but enjoys watching over him!

Drama Llama
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