Llamas Show Off Their Pajamas On TV

The llamas at ShangriLlama recently held a pack meeting to discuss ways to make people look as cute as a llama. Their solution? Llama Pajamas, of course!


Pajama Llama led the pack’s efforts to design the pajamas. Everyone agreed to create adult-sized, one-piece hooded and footed pajamas out of cozy brown fleece. Dalai Llama made the ears to look just like his “banana ears,” while Barack O’Llama fashioned the big llama eyes, long eyelashes and bulbous lips after those adorable features on his face. Bahama Llama added lovely llama toes to the attached feet. At the last minute, Pajama Llama copied the shape of his “pom pom tail” and placed it on the pajama seat after flattening the tail for sleeping comfort. He also added a 24-inch hidden zipper to the front of the pajamas, to speed nighttime bathroom breaks. Pajama Llama is a very considerate llama!


The pack was so pleased with their design that they decided to invite Allie Mac Kay of KTLA Morning News to visit their animal attraction and wear the first pair of Llama Pajamas.™ The llamas couldn’t keep their eyes off her, because she looked just like a llama! See for yourself!

Barack O'Llama needs to get a closer look at reporter Allie Mac Kay, who is dressed in Llama Pajamas.™
Allie Mac Kay of KTLA Morning News infiltrates the ShangriLlama pack by dressing like a llama in Llama Pajamas.™
Who has better "banana ears": Allie Mac Kay or Barack O'Llama?

Now the llamas are working day and night to create Llama Pajamas™ for everyone that wants to look like a llama and stay cozy-warm and adorable while sleeping. The llamas are also decorating burlap sacks to mail the pajamas in, and they will attach a gift card that is sure to make you laugh.


UPDATE: After several years of producing Llama Pajamas, the pack decided to retire from this laborious activity. Llazy Llamas! These pajamas were very popular in Australia, where we’re told people like to dress in animal Onesies and go to the zoo! Llama Pajamas also sold heavily to the east coast of the United States to wise individuals who really wanted to be as warm as a llama on a winter’s night. On behalf of the llamas at ShangriLlama, thank you for supporting the llamas’ first commercial product. They’re working on a new llama logo now.



Happy Trails from Mama Llama!

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