How Fast Can A Llama Run?

Can a llama outrun its chief predator, the coyote?

Can it outrun the fastest human?

Which is faster: a llama or a rabbit?

Would a roadrunner beat a llama in a race?

Many people ask how fast a llama can run. And most people are shocked by the answer:

Llamas run 35 to 40 mph!

This means that llamas can run about as fast as coyotes, which are their main predator. They can also beat these animals:


Roadrunners – 18.6mph


Elephants – 25 mph


The Fastest Human – 27.89mph


Domestic Cats & Rabbits – 29.8mph


Giraffes – 32mph

Can you see the resemblance between camels and llamas?

Camels, however, can outrun llamas by 5mph. Have you ever seen camel races? These animal attractions take place during the winter in the United Arab Emirates and each summer at the Camel Cup in Alice Springs, Australia.

Traditional Camel Races

Llamas have yet to be invited to camel races, because llamas like to make sharp turns, sudden stops and change directions very quickly. These skills are great for outsmarting coyotes, but they would make camel jockeys very cranky. Over the past few years, however, jockeys have been replaced by robots. Truly!

Robots replace jockeys in camel races!

Maybe there’s hope for llamas to be invited soon to a camel race!



Happy Trails from Mama Llama!

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