A Llama for Christmas


Yearling Como T. Llama is a Chilean and Argentine Appaloosa...with dreadlocks!

Over the past eight months, interviews have been taking place between Mama Llama and quite a variety of southern California llamas. The objective: to add two llamas to the ShangriLlama pack, particularly a spotted llama, known as an Appaloosa; and a brown llama with dreadlocks, called a suri. The day before Christmas, Mama Llama decided on one precious yearling bearing both characteristics. What a great two-fer this holiday season!


Como T. Llama is a first-generation American llama, the offspring of an Argentine-born mother and a Chilean father. This spotted llama has curly wool on his legs and ears! Como T. Llama is sweet, curious, spunky and confident. His breeder is a four-time national champion performance trainer. What a perfect addition for our small zoo!

Como T. Llama Meets His Big Brothers

Pack members really like their new baby brother. Dalai Llama is trying to win Como over as his new best friend. Barack O’Llama, the old best friend, doesn’t mind, because Barack has appointed himself Leader of the Little Ones and has been standing very tall and regal since Como’s arrival. The real pack leader, Pajama Llama, is not insulted by Barack’s posturing but is keeping a watchful eye over all three young llamas. Bahama Llama is curious about Como but prefers to spend his time guarding his feed pile.

Barack O'Llama and Bahama Llama Check Out the New Kid on the Block
Dalai Llama Can't Wait to Play With Como T. Llama
Pack Leader Pajama Llama Convinces a Cousin to Help Create Some Holiday Cheer

Merry Christmas and Happy Hanukkah from


Pajama Llama
Bahama Llama
Barack O’Llama
Dalai Llama
Como T. Llama



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