Llamas Meet Their Congressman

The ShangriLlama pack often stays up way past their bedtime to discuss politics. Conversations last a long time, because the pack consists of two Republicans (Bahama Llama and Pajama Llama), one Democrat (Barack O’Llama) and an Independent (Dalai Llama). Discussions are usually peaceful, especially when the Dalai Llama leads the group.


But one evening, Barack O’Llama was reading the local newspaper and learned that his meadow, located in the new Congressional District 39, had been redistricted. Most of the llamas didn’t know what that meant, so 12-year-old Pajama Llama explained from experience. He said that every ten years, everyone’s counted in something called a U.S. Census. It takes place, in part, so that all 435 U.S. Representatives represent an equal amount of people. “That seems fair,” said the Dalai Llama.


Then Barack O’Llama took out his i-Phone and learned about the leading candidate for the redistricting of the meadow. “It’s Ed Royce!” Barack exclaimed. “He’s a huge animal lover and a horseman. Let’s invite him over for a ’round-stable’ discussion about today’s issues!” The others agreed.

U.S. Representative Ed Royce

The pack couldn’t sleep a wink the night before they met the congressman, because they were excited about so many neighbors coming to their animal adventure park to hear him speak. So Pajama Llama, the pack’s leader, had the boys choose their favorite cookie recipes, and the llamas spent the entire evening baking and decorating.

When Congressman Royce arrived, he explained a variety of issues so clearly that even the llamas could understand them, and then he fielded questions from the “packed” house. The llamas paid special attention to the discussion of grain subsidies, grassroots organizations and watchdog groups.

Bahama Llama and Pajama Llama Hear Good Things From Congressman Royce

 At the end of the event, the llamas asked for a group picture with Congressman Royce, who greeted them with open arms.

Congressman Royce Easily Gains Pack Approval

So even though the ShangriLlama pack is a mixed bag politically, they all fell in love with the leading candidate to represent them in Congress, and from the looks of it, the feeling was mutual.

“I never imagined that redistricting could be so much fun!” exclaimed Barack O’Llama.



Happy Trails from Mama Llama!

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