Llama Llunch Pack

Llamas won’t carry people, but they will carry your lunch, or camping equipment, or other items weighing less than 100 pounds.

Bahama Llama and Pajama Llama are ShangriLlama’s pack llamas, because they are both fully grown adult males with nice, straight backs. Their packs are custom-made just for llamas! The base is fleece, the saddle is a moldable leather, and the left and right packs are nylon. This llama pack would have cost $500.00 new, but Mama Llama bought it at half price from the owner of the llama pack company, who now raises horses. What a lucky find!

Guess what you would discover inside the llama pack below? Lunch for five people! That’s right. Bahama Llama is pictured here carrying everyone’s lunch on our animal adventure to the park. He also has a half case of water in his pack. Bahama Llama is perfectly content serving as the pack llama, because that’s what llamas are primarily used for.

Bahama Llama Carries Lunch for Five People

Do you know why Bahama Llama was chosen as the pack llama? It’s because he’s…well…pleasantly plump. By carrying the pack, he has to spend a few more calories to get around, and that’s good. If a llama gets too chubby, its ankles (pasterns) start to get spongy. After a while, the llama will not walk correctly and then can’t walk very far. Wish Bahama Llama luck getting the weight off, because he has a huge appetite, despite many efforts to satisfy him with lower-calorie feed. But he sure is handsome and has the best temperament that Mama Llama has ever encountered. So he really is pleasantly plump.


But Pajama Llama is overweight, too, so he’ll be trading off with Bahama Llama to carry the pack on upcoming Llama Walks. Mama Llama thinks she overheard these two chubby llamas talking about joining Jenny Craig as their New Year’s resolution. Now that would be an interesting ad campaign!



Happy Trails from Mama Llama!

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