Living With Llamas



That’s what Mama Llama and her family were dying to know but couldn’t find out. You see, until six weeks ago, the ShangriLlama llamas lived in stables at a horse facility. We would visit them daily—sometimes twice a day—to walk them in an arena, or to take them on a trail or to the park. But that just wasn’t enough “quality time” for us.


That’s why we searched far and wide for the ideal horse property. We wanted to live with the llamas! Finding this property took more than a year. You see, it had to be zoned for four or more horses, have enough room for the llamas to roam freely, be safe from coyotes, be located close to a fenced walking trail, and be livable for the humans in our family, too! Only one property fit this description, and we found it through a horse club leader who is also a realtor.

When we first moved in, we expected to see the llamas playing day and night in their meadow, jogging up and down the property for exercise, and sticking their long necks over the gates to greet the neighbors. That’s not what happened.


Instead, they fill their days by eating meals, chewing their cud in between meals, and lying in the sun. Llamas are l-a-z-y!

Bahama Llama & Pajama Llama Like to Sunbathe!

Without a doubt, the best way to enjoy llamas is by walking them. Then they become quite beguiling as they venture very close to greet you, when they request a treat, and when they roll around in the sand to scratch their backs—all the while making virtually everyone they meet smile about their unusual animal encounter. A well-trained llama puts on quite a show when he’s led by his harness and leash!


Even though llama life is not as exciting as we thought it would be, we’re still mesmerized by their beauty as they graze in their very own meadow, and we’re so happy that the pack has the freedom to roam safely. Our neighbors seem to be amused by our “funny looking horses,” as many have called them. Life with llamas is peaceful, and in today’s world, that truly is a good thing!



Happy Trails from Mama Llama!

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