Cowboy Llamas

This year, the llamas received fancy summer haircuts. They now look like cowboys with chaps!

Dalai Llama looks like a cross between a llama and a poodle!
Como T. Llama shows off his new 'do with a-t-t-i-t-u-d-e!
Barack O'Llama looks the best in his new cowboy get-up.
Look closely to find the woolly chaps on Pajama Llama's hips and shoulders.
Bahama Llama received the traditional barrel (belly) cut this year.
Here's Drama Llama sporting a dramatic cowboy cut.
In the midst of shearing Drama Llama, we discovered his belly spots!
Can you tell which llama each wool pile wool belongs to?

As a pure Argentine llama, Drama Llama will need two haircuts each year, because Argentines grow wool almost as fast as Chia Pets! This means that we’ll have plenty of fiber to give to the school children that visit ShangriLlama. We’ll also have enough for our Llama Walk customers to feel how silky-soft llama belly wool is as one of the top 20 most valuable natural fiber in the world. And this year, our groomer has offered to hand-spin Como T. Llama’s wool into skeins of yarn. Mama and Papa Llama’s daughter, Llama Girl, will knit herself a sweater from this luxurious fiber:

In case you’re wondering why llamas are shorn, check out the following two photos of Drama Llama. He’s our woolliest critter, because he’s half alpaca! Llamas carry, on average, six pounds of wool on their bodies. Drama Llama grows more than that! The wool MUST come off to get through hot and humid summers. Each animal experiences great relief to have that wool removed.

Drama Llama Before Shearing
Drama Llama After Shearing

Mama Llama wishes to thank Eileen Ditsler, Llama Groomer Extraordinaire, who spent 5-1/2 hours giving all six llamas their cool and fancy summer cuts. Maybe next year, we’ll paint the llamas’ toes???



Happy Trails from Mama Llama!

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