Animal Activities & Encounters in the Dallas Area

Animal Activities & Encounters

If you are a fan of animal adventure parks, interactive zoos, private zoos and wildlife experiences, then you will love ShangriLlama. Through our three animal activities, you can meet, photograph, observe, walk and learn about beautiful South American llamas.


Llamas are relative newcomers to the U.S., arriving as pets and guardian animals less than 40 years ago! Although there is much left to discover about these animals, ShangriLlama’s animal experiences reveal what is known, and these are eye-popping, fascinating facts! There are no other creatures on the planet quite like llamas.


You can encounter llamas at ShangriLlama in the air-conditioned comfort of their fancy barn during the hot, humid months of the year, which in North Texas are May through October. Or take the llama pack for a walk during the colder months of November through April. Even if you can’t visit in person, you can still participate in a virtual visit. Please see the Llama Llessons, Llama Walks and Virtual Visits pages for details about each of these animal attractions.


There is another reason to visit ShangriLlama: the animals are located on the grounds of a replica Irish castle! If you arrive 20 minutes early, you are welcome to take photos outside the castle and in front of fairy tale statuary, including a life-size Cinderella carriage and a Loch Ness Monster. Then take a moment to see if you can spot any of the giant catfish, gorgeous koi, oversided goldfish or bluegill in the heart-shaped pond. You will also notice a second castle, which is a private event venue named Castle Waterford. It’s available for weddings and parties. The décor is castle-themed, of course!


All visits to ShangriLlama require an advance reservation online by clicking the green Book Now button on this website. Llama Llessons tend to sell out of tickets one week in advance and can accommodate up to 50 people ages 4 and up. Llama Walks tickets run out two or three months in advance and include as few as 12 and as many as 18 people ages 10 and up. If tickets are sold out for your desired date, please sign up for the online waiting list or look for last-minute tickets posted on the online calendar, which is linked to the green Book Now button. Tickets are easily obtained for group Llama Llessons and group Llama Walks. To schedule a virtual visit, please send an e-mail to with your proposed date and time.


ShangriLlama has been offering animal encounters with llamas since 2009—first in Southern California at a one-acre ranch, then in Parker, Texas, at a three-acre ranch, and now on the 10-acre grounds of a replica Irish castle in Royse City, which is near Dallas. Our encounters are unusual and attract first-time and repeat visitors throughout Texas and surrounding states. Here’s a summary of who enjoys which activity the most:

Llama Llessons
Llama Walk Through Forest
Llama Adventures at ShangriLLama

Llama Llessons

Llama Walks

Virtual Visits

  • Senior citizens that relish a rare learning experience
  • Married and dating couples desiring a shared, memorable experience
  • Families with children ages 4 and up seeking animal experiences
  • North Texas residents looking for activities for out-of-town guests
  • Summer travelers seeking things to do that are different
  • School groups and summer camps offering mid-week, educational outings
  • Ladies clubs that plan a group activity each month
  • Animal-loving, able-bodied adults and families (ages 10 and up)
  • Outdoor adventurers
  • Private groups desiring a mid-week activity with friends and coworkers
  • Families and friends wanting to surprise birthday celebrants with a llama visit
  • High-tech, biotech and financial institutions desiring levity at their meetings
  • Schools teaching a unit about mammals and seeking an online encounter
No matter which animal encounter you choose, you are sure to have a happy, memorable time meeting the gorgeous, fancy, South American llamas at ShangriLlama.
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