50 Pictures for One Pose

How many photos should a person have to take to capture five llamas in a single frame?

The llamas of ShangriLlama

The answer is…50! Or at least that’s how many photos we took today, and even then, one llama didn’t quite cooperate.

Still, we’re pleased to show you the entire pack’s photo:


Barack O’Llama is the little brownish-black one in the front left. He’s a one-year-old spitfire.


Dalai Llama is the bright white one. He’s also one year old and gorgeous.


Como T. Llama, a very large yearling, is behind Barack. Como moved just when the camera clicked, but then Como is always moving around–mostly sideways. He’s too big for his body, and we think he’s got ADHD.


Bahama Llama is behind Como. He’s seven years old and quite plump but a sweetheart.


And the leader of the pack, 10-year-old Pajama Llama (alias P.J.), is pictured in the background. He was in the foreground when we set up this shot, which gives you some idea how difficult it is to capture an entire llama pack in one frame.


We took this photo while on our weekday animal adventure through the Christmas tree farm where the llamas of ShangriLlama live.


Llama Boy–who started ShangriLlama when he was 12–walked Barack, Dalai and Como using the three-llama lead. Llama Boy didn’t care much for this newfangled device, because Como insisted on walking sideways into the other two llamas. That’s when spit happened!


Mama Llama thought that was funny, mostly because she was walking Bahama and Pajama, who were well behaved today. So from Mama Llama’s perspective, it was a good walk.

It's not so easy to walk three llamas on one lead!

Tomorrow Pajama Llama and Bahama Llama will receive their pedicures. We have to use a chute to keep them still. Photos, and hopefully video, should be interesting!



Happy Trails from Mama Llama!

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