Greeting a Llama

Greeting a Llama If you encounter a friendly llama, how would you say hello to him? If you wave your hand, he’s likely to think you have a treat. If there’s no treat, the llama will walk away. So how can you engage a llama and make friends with him? Breathe into his mouth! That was not a misprint. The …

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Pronking WHAT DO LLAMAS DO ALL DAY?Well, aside from eating and cat-napping (they don’t really sleep), they play all sorts of games with their pack members. These games include: Your Food is My Food   Get Out of My Way   Can’t Touch Me!   I Can Spit Farther Than You Can Essentially, llamas spend their day stealing food, pushing …

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Hollywood Llama

Hollywood Llama Our funniest llama has been cast in an Internet series called “Llama Cop.” This original, live-action show was produced by Starz Digital and Ambitious Media for the Starz comedy YouTube channel called Union Pool. In the six webisodes, Como T. Llama plays a renegade cop paired with a straight-laced detective trying to solve a crime. For each …

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Llama Popularity

Llama Popularity Advertisers have recently discovered the Power of the Llama to captivate us. Do you remember the Bank of America ads featuring a llama wearing a red scarf? How about the Geico commercials showing a llama standing next to a swimming pool? Have you seen the explosion of llama-themed merchandise at Target, World Market and Hobby Lobby? And did …

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