Ranch Visits

Llama Ranch Visits
(also known as Llama Llessons)

ShangriLlama receives many requests for ranch visits, so we open our gates weekly for educational sessions that are jam-packed with llama llearning and llama llove! We call these visits Llama Llessons, because guests enjoy a 60-minute, interactive visit with our pack of llamas. Meet these fascinating animals and learn about them from head to toe!

Mama Llama

When you arrive for Llama Llessons, you will enter our climate-controlled barn and choose to sit near the llama you like the most. Then observe the llama pack while helping other guests answer intriguing questions posed by Mama Llama. Smiles, laughs and learning are guaranteed as you are presented with more than 150 fascinating facts about llamas. Afterward, feel free to take photos and selfies with our llamas. They love to pose for the camera!

Llama Llessons are offered by reservation only for ages four and up. Minors must be accompanied by an adult with an admission ticket. There is a discount voucher available through Groupon and LivingSocial. Enter the Redemption Code (8 capital letters) by clicking the Book Now button at www.ShangriLlama.com. Choose your date, complete the registration form, and you will receive a confirmation e-mail and a reminder shortly before your visit.

Llama Llessons take place on Saturdays and Sundays year-round and on Wednesdays during holidays and summers. Please see our up-to-the-minute, online calendar for exact times and ticket availability. Please note that we often sell out a week or two prior to each session of Llama Llessons.



  • Couples will be laughing together about their visit with the llamas!
  • Families with children ages three and up will enjoy the shared, educational experience. (Our partnership agreements prevent us from admitting children two years old and younger, but we hope to meet them in the future!)
  • Grandparents will love being able to take their grandchildren on an educational, fun outing.
  • Friends can get together for a fun time or even celebrate a birthday by attending Llama Llessons.
  • Club members, scouts and corporate groups can bond over the hilarity of the llamas.

Casual clothes and closed-toed shoes are recommended for your visit to ShangriLlama.

After you have purchased your Groupon, please click below to reserve your Llama Llessons:

Our Llamas Visit Schools!

ShangriLlama’s educational school visits are based on its children’s book, The Llamas of ShangriLlama, which teaches 30 interesting facts about llamas to encourage children to read, to appreciate rhyme, and to increase their reading comprehension in a fun way. Your school library will receive a complimentary copy of The Llamas of ShangriLlama.

Llama Book

At no charge, ShangriLlama brings its llamas to elementary schools solely in conjunction with a PTA book fundraiser. For each book sold before or during the visit, ShangriLlama will donate 20% of the proceeds to your school’s PTA! Additionally, each book sold before the llama visit will be signed by the author, Mama Llama!

To schedule your school’s llama visit, please e-mail Mama Llama with your proposed date and time via llama@ShangriLlama.com. Our llamas are fully licensed, insured, and they don’t kick, bite or spit at people!

The Llamas of ShangriLlama is also available for purchase in the Llama Gifts section of this website (free shipping!) and on www.amazon.com.