Meet the Llamas


Dalai Llama

Look into my mystical blue eyes and you will be transfixed! I see the need for an ocean of compassion for people who live hectic city lives and forage on fast food. I used to live in the mountains of Tibet, where people looked up to me for my dedication to solving complex world problems. Now I teach at ShangriLlama to enlighten others about the benefits of fresh air, daily exercise and natural food.
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Drama Llama

Have you ever seen a llama from Argentina?
I’m quite a show-stopper on the trail! People are fascinated by my beautiful Appaloosa coat, my merle face and feet, and my lion-like mane. Because I’m short, some people call me an alpaca, while others say I look like a Gironkey, which is a cross between a giraffe and a donkey. But I’m an Argentine llama and so dramatic-looking that my name is Drama Llama!
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Barack O’Llama

Don’t mistake my name for Obama Llama or Osama Llama. That’s not funny! (Well, it kinda is…)
People simply called me “Barry” when I was a community organizer in Wichita, Chicago, Honolulu and Kenya. But then I won the Nobel Pets Prize for my extraordinary efforts to strengthen cooperation among Camelidae. So I’m now known as “Barack.” Today, I’m focused on fostering positive thinking among two-toed creatures. My campaign is called “Yes, We Camelids Can!” My recent efforts include working with the Dalai Llama to create Universal Hoofcare, and with Pajama Llama to promote mutual respect for all types of camelids.
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Como T. Llama

My name in Spanish means “What’s your name?” That’s how wild and crazy I am!
I’m a bilingual spotted llama with bundles of energy. You can find me in the meadow at dusk dancing to “The Macarena” and humming Spanish tunes. I speak some English and a little Peruvian that Grandma Llama taught me. If you want to make me laugh, ask me this: ¿Cómo te llamas?
Now I’m the most famous llama in the world! I was cast as the star of “Llama Cop,” a Starz Digital comedy. You can see my unusual acting skills during all six episodes HERE! Laughs are guaranteed, and I even have an IMDb Page!
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Bahama Llama

This two-toned llama loves to listen to Caribbean music with his pack mates. He recently grew out of his favorite khaki pants by overindulging on tropical plants. Fortunately, his friend Dalai Llama has been feeding him dietary tips. Bahama has benefited from Barack O’Llama’s positive-thinking motto, which is “Forward, upward, onward together.”
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