Llama Shopping

He is fifteen-and-a-half years old and deserves to spend his twilight years grazing and relaxing. It’s hard work guarding a pack 24/7! But is there a llama that can replace the regal, commanding, respected Pajama Llama?

Pajama Llama, far right, leads the ShangriLlama pack.

Mama Llama has decided to go llama shopping, and the National Llama Show just happens to be coming up. That’s where the prettiest, woolliest, cleverest llamas compete for prizes. This year’s national championships take place in Kansas. Time for a road trip!

Llama Girl and Her British Hubster attend Their First Llama Show.

And here are some of the llamas that Mama Llama interviewed for the job opening at ShangriLlama:

Maybe this llama is Pajama Llama’s cousin!

Great eye patch!

He is a big beauty!

This llama has a sense of humor!

Oh my! He’s a regal boy!

A panda llama?

He’s playful and sweet with nice fringe on top!

This llama is getting ready for his hairstylist to wash and blow dry that gorgeous wool!

Such a sweet face!

What a lovely appaloosa and white llama!

There are so many terrific llamas, but there’s only ONE opening at ShangriLlama! Mama Llama realizes it’s impossible to replace Pajama Llama. He is a one-of-a-kind. So her pack will have to decide for themselves which llama will become the new leader, because Mama Llama is going to buy a llama that has a different look than the members of her current pack.

After careful consideration and hours of fun, Mama Llama has chosen her newest llama. He comes with the internationally registered name of Pippin, The Ring Shall Be Mine. His name references The Lord of the Rings plus his ability to win multiple times in the llama show ring. He was named Grand Champion Heavy Wool Male in the Northwest Regional Finals, and Novice Performance Champion in the Northwest ALSA Regional competition. He will surely win more awards this weekend at the Grand Nationals Championship in Kansas. Pippin is only two years old and quite the showman!

At ShangriLlama, Pippin shall be called Bahama Llama Jr., in honor of a beloved pack member from many years ago. Here’s a photo of Bahama Llama Jr.:

Introducing Bahama Llama Jr. ShangriLlama’s Newest Pack Member!

Isn’t he beautiful? Do you think he looks like a giant teddy bear? Wouldn’t you like to give him a hug? Mama Llama will do that for you when he arrives to join the ShangriLlama pack. Check back soon to see the video of the momentous occasion when Bahama Llama Jr. meets his new llama family!

Happy Trails from Mama Llama!

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