Llama Mountain


Llamas love hills, but our llamas have been without a hill since we moved from California two years ago. We just couldn’t bring ourselves to pay $2,400 for clean fill dirt plus the machinery needed to create a hilly playground.

Recently, however, a llama-loving neighbor needed to remove 12 truckloads of clean fill dirt from her property. She asked if we’d like her crew to deliver the dirt and create a hill for the llamas. We gleefully accepted. Within the hour, dump truck after dump truck piled dirt near our barn. Then a Bobcat driver arrived to hard-pack this dirt into an eight-foot-tall hill with an entry and exit ramp for the llamas. We dubbed the pile Llama Mountain.

A Bobcat hard-packs 12 truckloads of dirt for the llamas to play on!

Four llamas observed the dump trucks coming and going. They waited until the last dump truck left the property and the gate was latched before they moved toward the magical new pile of dirt.

Como T. Llama braved the mountain first. This happy-go-lucky llama usually acts first and thinks later. In this case, nothing bad happened. Doesn’t he look satisfied at the top of Llama Mountain?

Como T. Llama is the first to claim Llama Mountain.

Como T. Llama’s moment of glory was short-lived, however. Barack O’Llama gained the courage to climb Llama Mountain, too. He stood proudly next to Como T. Llama.

Barack O’Llama joins Como T. Llama on Llama Mountain.

Meanwhile, Dalai Llama had been watching from afar, deciding when to make his move. In the wink of an eye, he scaled the mountain and dethroned the others. Mama Llama was there to capture the action on video:


Did you see that? Dalai Llama scared off Como T. Llama and pushed Barack O’Llama to the side! Poor Como T. Llama looks so insulted! But that’s the only way that Dalai Llama could win the game of King of the Hill and …

…King of Llama Mountain!

Days later, Mama Llama saw that Dalai Llama had allowed Como T. Llama and Barack O’Llama to join him on top of their world. The three llamas stood like statues for more than 20 minutes!

Three llamas share Llama Mountain!

The smallest llama in the pack, Drama Llama, has yet to climb Llama Mountain. Instead, he has claimed the flat rolling pit for himself, giving him an ideal view of Llama Mountain, where his buddies tend to look rather silly.

Drama Llama stares at Llama Mountain, wondering what all the fuss is about.

Happy Trails from Mama Llama!

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