Llama Gifts

It’s not easy finding llama-themed gifts! That’s why our llamas host weekly pack meetings to come up with original gift ideas. Yes, llamas do surf the Internet at night, silly! Here’s what the pack has to offer so far:

The Llamas of ShangriLlama Book

The Llamas of ShangriLlama – $16.99

This quirky, full-color children’s book teaches about llamas!


  • How should you greet a llama?
  • What are llama beans good for?
  • How can llamas eat without front teeth?
  • What noises do they make, or are they silent?
  • How many stomachs do they have?

How many questions could you answer? ShangriLlama’s pack thinks you need a little assistance! So “the boys” got together one night and turned 30 fascinating llama facts into a quirky rhyming book like none other. They promise that you will laugh at their colorful illustrations, marvel at their artistic talent, and learn truly fun information about the enigmatic llama. And if you just happen to live in the north Texas area, invite the real-live llamas to your school to teach you all about themselves!


llama mug

Llama Pop-Art Coffee Mug – $14.99

This Andy Warhol-style coffee mug features caricatures of ShangriLlama’s actual llamas. Start your morning with a laugh by reading the names of each llama on the mug:
Pajama Llama, Bahama Llama, Dalai Llama, Barack O’Llama and Como T. Llama! $14.95 each.

Prices include ground shipping to all street addresses in the U.S.A. If you would like international delivery, please send an e-mail to: llama@shangrillama.com



Llama Pajamas© (trademark pending) – $69.99

There’s no need to feel cold this winter, when you can be wearing super cozy Llama Pajamas! They’re handmade from more than three yards of plush, quality fleece. You’ll look hilarious in the attached hood with banana-shaped llama ears, big llama eyes and eyelashes, and a split upper lip. Keep your feet warm in the attached, padded feet decorated with two llama toes. And don’t forget to wiggle your hips to show off your puffy llama tail in back. To ease bathroom breaks, just use the extra-long front zipper to get in and out of these pajamas in seconds.

Our Llama Pajamas may be the coziest pajamas you’ll ever own! They’ll arrive in a drawstring burlap sack with a gift card attached! Order your pajamas using the PayPal button, below, that matches your pajama size. (For DHL delivery outside the U.S., please e-mail your size and address to llama@ShangriLlama.com.)

Size small fits adults measuring 5’2″ to 5’4″ tall weighing 100 to 135 pounds.

Size medium fits adults measuring 5’5″ to 5’7″ tall weighing 121 to 145 pounds.

Size large fits adults measuring 5’8″ to 5’11” tall weighing 130 to 170 pounds.

Llama Products Available Upon Request

Llama Tooth Fairy

Shouldn’t tooth fairies have big teeth? ShangriLlama’s pack thinks so, and that’s why they are determined to become the biggest tooth in the tooth fairy business. There’s one problem, however: ShangriLlama’s drawing board is filled with Llama Tooth Fairy designs, but the pack can’t agree on one. Help them speed up their decision by placing a prospective order, and you’ll get to vote on the final design! Just send an e-mail query to llama@ShangriLlama.com

Dr. Llama Gowns

You already look silly in a hospital gown, so why not wear a gown with funny llamas printed all over it? E-mail llama@shangriLlama.com if you’d like to reserve a gown for a friend, family member, doctor or nurse who could use a good laugh at the hospital.

Llama Dog Costume

Secretly, every dog wants to dress up like a llama at costume parties. But no self-respecting dog would wear an ill-fitting, “one-size-fits-all” Llama Dog Costume! If your pooch wants to be a serious contender for the blue-ribbon prize at your next doggie costume contest, just send Mama Llama the breed name plus measurements for length, width, height and head size.

All items are exclusively available from ShangriLlama.

Happy Trails from Mama Llama!