Bahama Llama

The ShangriLlama pack gets up close and personal with Bahama Llama Jr.


So when Mama Llama brought home her newest llama, she knew what would happen next. The entire pack huddled around the newbie, craning their very long necks to take in the scents of this critter from the state of Washington. Sniffing revealed the llama’s sex (male), what he ate lately (alfalfa), whether he’s friendly (very), and, most importantly, if he’s timid or bold (bold). His temperament will determine his ranking in the pack.

The new llama is named Bahama Llama Jr., in memory of a beloved llama with a similar, sweet disposition and amazing coat. Bahama Llama Jr.’s coat is officially rose, though some call that red. His muzzle is gray, making a stunning combination. Bahama Llama Jr. is stocky and very woolly, so he looks like a big teddy bear! Mama Llama has no doubt that this llama will be a show-stopper on Llama Walks!

Bahama Llama Jr. is only two-years old, yet he’s as tall as Barack O’Llama, who is six! Bahama is going to be a big boy when he’s four and fully grown.Though young, Bahama has already won several awards, including a Grand National Championship!

Papa Llama brings Bahama Llama Jr. to the Llama Mobile.

These are the five working llamas at ShangriLlama. Aren’t they gorgeous?

Over the next few days, these five llamas will have to decide which one will become pack leader. Will Bahama Llama Jr. rank last as a newbie, or will he assert himself ahead of one of his new pack mates? Mama Llama will post an addendum to this blog page with the rankings.

February 5, 2016: And the winner is… Dalai Llama! Those of you who have met Dalai Llama would never have guessed he’d someday lead his pack! But he is six-years’ old now and the largest llama of the five–for now, at least. He’s a gentle leader, inclined to coax  the others to follow him, rather than t-bone them into submission. However, Bahama Llama Jr. has his eyes on Dalai Llama’s job, and it’s likely that Bahama will grow to be even bigger than Dalai. It’s Mama Llama’s best guess that Bahama Llama Jr. will, indeed, become the pack leader when he’s fully grown in two years. So this will be a most interesting two years!

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